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India is the land of Sages and Saints, Rishis and Munis, Pirs and Pagambars, Gurus and Masters, rich in the cultural, social, spiritual heritage and imbued in human values as the core principle of its longest surviving ancient civilization has always shown right path to the world, whenever humanity reached on the crossroads of panic and turmoil. We have traversed through ages with the five fundamental human values of Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Universal Love and Non-Violence. These values strengthen the national fabric across length and breadth of our motherland. We have made strides in scientific pursuits and achieved glorifying advancements. Somewhere down the stream we entered into so called mystical modernization which has engulfed the youth of this country. Our ethos have taught us to maintain a balance between materialistic desires and spiritual pursuits, but we find at present our youth getting mislead and swayed to materialistic comfort at the cost of gaining inner strength through journey of value oriented life. Thus a gap has appeared between actual practice and conceptual theoretical preaching.     

MISSION JAN JAGRITI stands with the sole objective of “EMPOWERMENT OF THE YOUTH”. We will achieve it by empowering youth of this country and the world by... Learning Earning Yearning          

# Empowerment through knowledge by way of helping children to attain higher qualification and modern education, skill developments. 
# Empowerment through better economic status through pursuing professional excellence, by encouraging the youth to earn through self employment.
# Empowerment through practice of human values, human dignity, human esteem and human excellence.
We call upon youth of this country who is the present and future of our motherland, to rise to the occasion and join hands with all of us to achieve and realize the dreams still not fulfilled.                 

You take one step we will take hundred...           

The Board of Mission Jan Jagriti is headed by Dr.N.K.Bhatia...Who is well known as a LIVING LEGEND in Voluntary Blood Donations…having donated his blood 215 times to save lives of hundreds of patients. He has a long innings spreading over 35 years in Blood Banking and has set up several State of Art Blood banks all over India. He is widely travelled across the world and is a respected member of Several International and National Professional Bodies. He is also one of the Principal Assessors of the Quality Council of India NABH (Blood Banks). He is decorated with several awards in the field of blood banking. He is the VISIONARY who has championed the idea of this Organization.
Another luminary is Sh. Harish Goel is known for his commitment to improve blood banking services. He is associated with this speciality for the past more than three decades. He has mastery on financial aspects of an organization and has regularly contributed to this field.
Yet another name on the horizon of Technical Experts in Blood banking is that of Mr. EPK Michael. He too has served this speciality for more than thirty years and contributed his innovative thoughts towards several newer protocols. Almost every blood bank in NCR has technical persons who have been trained by Mr. Michael.
Though there are many other members of the Trust, it is imperative to say a couple of words about Mr. Govind Ram, who has several years of dedicated experience in this field. He is a B.Sc in Medical Lab Technology, an MBA (Marketing) and has excellent insights into Donor Motivation, Organizing Blood Donation Camps and Product Marketing. Mr. Bhupender Singh is a young budding Technocrat enriching our organization with his knowledge & skills and is pursuing his Masters in Medical Lab Technology. Mr. Saurabh Kumar Singh is the other upcoming star on the horizon of Blood Transfusion Services along with Mr. Vikrant Hooda, Ms. Premabati Chanu and Mr. Abhishek Raj. These are all YOUNG BRIGADE of upcoming names in Blood Banking. They all work with their Heads Hearts and Hands in unison to bring the change that Mission Jan Jagriti envisions.
Our commitment is to SERVE THE SOCIETY WITH QUALITY AND AFFORDABILITY. We will not compromise with Ethics and Values and are committed to set up at least 5 more Blood banks in Delhi and NCR, in addition to the one A State of Art Facility set up at a cost of approximately 3 Crores, in Altius Sonia Hospital, Rohtak Road, Nangloi, Delhi. Already agreements have been penned with Maharaj Aggarsain Hospiatl Panipat, Jeevan Anmol Hospital-Mayur Vihar Delhi and MGS Hospital Punjabi Bagh Delhi. Negotiations have been finalized with Dr.Prem Aggarwal to set up a State of art Blood Bank in Sanjeevini Hospital Daryaganj & Paharganj; with Dr. BB Bajaj to collaborate with him to run the Bajaj Blood Bank. There are several other Hospitals/ Organizations who are keen to work with Mission Jan Jagriti in the lead role under the able stewardship of its Life President Dr.N.K.Bhatia.
In addition to Blood Banking we are into Diagnostics, having set up a State of Art Path Excel Lab in Nangloi and adding a chain of more such Labs across Delhi.
We have also decided to start Teaching and Training Centre for DMLT, B.Sc (MLT), M.SC (MLT), B.Sc/M.Sc in Microbiology/Biochemistry in our Set up at Nangloi spread over approximately 6000 sq.feet
We are seeking support both Financial and any other way, of like minded individuals / organizations in this venture on a mutually beneficial manner.


We also have our company by the name of Dolmen Life Sciences Private Limited, which is duly incorporated under the Companies Act, of 1956) by the Registrar of Companies, NCT of Delhi & Haryana, vide Corporate Identity Number U51909DL2010PTC208553 dated 22.09.2010.
We are into multi disciplinary activities which also include, carrying on business of logistic agent for plasma fractionations and blood banks.
We have set up our office in Delhi for this purpose. We are also shortly setting up a Walk in Cold Storage Facility with -350C temp, and a storage capacity of 20000 units of plasma.
We are also finalizing arrangements for Logistics support for collection and transportation of procured plasma from various blood banks maintaining Cold chain.

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