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Welcome to Mission Jan Jagriti

India is the land of Sages and Saints, Rishis and Munis, Pirs and Pagambars, Gurus and Masters, rich in the cultural, social, spiritual heritage and imbued in human values as the core principle of its longest surviving ancient civilization has always shown right path to the world, whenever humanity reached on the crossroads of panic and turmoil. We have traversed through ages with the five fundamental human values of Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Universal Love and Non-Violence. These values strengthen the national fabric across length and breadth of our motherland. We have made strides in scientific pursuits and achieved glorifying advancements. Somewhere down the stream we entered into so called mystical modernization which has engulfed the youth of this country.

MISSION JAN JAGRITI stands with the sole objective of “EMPOWERMENT OF THE YOUTH”. We will achieve it by empowering youth of this country and the world by... Learning Earning Yearning. More....


We are seeking support both Financial and any other way, of like minded individuals / organizations in this venture on a mutually beneficial manner.


Our other activities include

1) Running a State of Art Charitable Lab in Nangloi. A centre at Patparganj and Rohini are underway.
2) Blood Banks at Punjabi Bagh, Mayur Vihar and Panipat are under construction and will get commissioned by end of this year.
3) A Teaching Training Centre for MLT Courses at Nangloi.
4) We are in process of setting up a Play School in Nangloi.
5) We also propose to set up an Old Age Home (Foster Parenthood Concept)…to express GRATITUDE TO ELDERS at NOIDA.
6) Support to children to undertake education.
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